Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Zorro

Zorro actually turned 10 years old in Feb.  He is looking a little older and moving a little slower now.  He still is able to bark at everyone still especially the mail lady.

Rebecca holding Nathan out in our back yard.  I think the ditch looks pretty in the spring time.  We love Spring and having Nathan over.  Nathan is holding on to Rebecca.

Oh Joy

Oh rachel... my little poopiesies by: Becca

Grandma Shelly and Nathan in the kitchen getting ready to go play.

Did you think to pray?

Nathan was so cute the other day....he was eating lunch and I had fed him a little, and then thought we forgot to say a prayer, as soon as I said that word he folded his hands to pray.

Nathan is getting ready to fix this dishwasher.  He looks like a little man here.

Nathan doesn't like the feel of grass.  Here he is anyway sitting on it, if he touches it he tries to get away.  What a cute little guy.  Love his hair color, boy has it changed.

Rachel loves Nathan and it shows on her face.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Colored Easter Eggs

Rebecca wants this photo for her scrapbooking.
Sandi taught Rebecca a new technique with glue it kindof gave the eggs a tie dye effect.

More Family

Happy Birthday mom, we celebrated with a cake Blaize made from scratch.

After everyone left Rebecca colored eggs with Matt and Sandi.

More Easter Photos of Grandson Nathan

Which egg has the surprise in it?

Here mom you can have this one.
Please I really want that egg back.
He's the first Grandchild what can I say more.

Here's an Egg for you from Nathan

Great-Grandpa Hansen helping Nathan find an egg.
Cousins Rebecca and Blaize, we missed Ryker he was recovering from having his tonsils out.

Happy Easter Family and Friends

We had a little Easter Egg hunt!
Great-Grandpa Hansen playing with Nathan.
It was really windy outside and you can tell by Nathan's hair.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Redondo 2nd Ward members at Wilderness Park!

On saturday, just before heading out and getting ready to pick up pine cones, we were kind of wondering why pick up the pine cones.   They told us people trip on them and they are hard to walk on.  It really did look a lot better when we finished.  We worked on one section of the park for two hours and then had a really nice lunch by the water and watched the ducks swimming around.  It was a beautiful day too.
Grandma Carter, Allegra and Rebecca picking up the pine cones.  They got really heavy so we could only fill the bags half full.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bunny and Nathan

Nathan had fun playing with the little white bunny to his left.  The bunny moves his mouth and sings "Let's go to the Hop" while the chicks bop up and down and the frog sings "Oh baby"  It is pretty funny.  Looking forward to Easter.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bocce Ball Champs-Jordan and Kendra

Jordan with his Bocce Ball, getting ready to throw.
Kendra happy with her toss!

More pictures taken at the carter's....

Nathan and Aunt Sandi, Matt was on his bike trip in Utah.
Earlene, Byron and Kent watching some bocce ball.
Deanna, Ralph and Beverly watching too.  Kendra and Jordan were the ones playing.
Earlene listening to Byron.

More of Nathan!

Let's shoot some hoops!

Ashley and Byron

Sunday Dinner at Kent and Cheryl's with Ashley & Byron

Nathan sooooo cute!
Jordan, Nathan and Rebecca at Kent & Cheryl's for sunday lunch with Ashley & Byron.
Amber & Nathan by an orange tree, famous Great-Grandpa Glavinic camera shot, he would be proud.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Trouble a coming on the stairs...Oh Boy!!!

Look what I found....I wonder what these lead too?  I think I'll find out real soon.
Got to have our cute little grandson over two times today.  He is an angel.  What a sweet little boy!
Look at Nathan's teeth, he used them tonight to chew on an apple slice...boy did he like that.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hope your Birthday is smooth sailing Ryan!

I thought you'd enjoy this old photo of you wake boarding about 4 summers ago.  Hope your feeling better on your Birthday Ryan.  We all love you very much and miss you!  Have a great day.  
Love, The Family

Happy Birthday Ryan!!! Remember when?