Tuesday, July 28, 2009

50th Birthday!!! July 25th, Saturday

Scott surprised me with tickets to see "Fiddler on the Roof". It was at the Pantages in Hollywood. We went out to eat first and saw some interesting people and then the show. It started at 8:oopm and went just before 11:oopm. What a great performance. The best part was having the guy Topol in it. He is the guy that is in the orginal movie/play. He was great at 73 years of age. He still has it. Great deep voice and timing for all the comedy in the show.
Here I am right when we got down there. It was a big day. Went and watched Ryan and Landen play in Santa Monica in a VB tournament. Mom and Dad came to watch too. They did great, always wanting to do better.
Ryan and Landen in an "A" tournament
Who are these two movie stars? Mom and Dad are too cute. I'm so happy I got to spend some of my birthday with them. We had a fun day relaxing up at Santa Monica beach. Oh were there some big waves that day.
Happy 50th to me!! I'm ready for the next 50.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lunch with Mom & Dad for my 50th Birthday

Today I got to have lunch with Mom, Dad and Rebecca. My 50th Birthday isn't until Saturday and they wanted to keep that day free soooooo.....we went to the Elephant Bar. Good food, they had never been there before.
Here's a little treat after a great meal. Thanks Mom and Dad, Rebecca was happy to go too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hermosa Beach to Santa Monica

LuJean and I rode from her home to Santa Monica/3rd Street Promanade. It was a great day for bike riding. It started out foggy over the coast the whole way there. What a great ride it was. We went over bridges, saw the boats at Marina Del Ray, sail boat classes going on and kayaks being paddled around. It was quite a nice ride with lots of changing scenes. I recommend it to anyone that likes bike riding and a beautiful ocean view. It took about 2 hours and 15 mins. each way. It was a days event. I will tell you I have a few sore spots from sitting on the bike for almost 5 hours today. I hope to recover soon.
Here we are at the 3rd street promanade.
Famous sign at the beginning of the Pier. It was fun to be there.
LuJean waiting for me while I get a drink of water.
Looking down the pier, LuJean is the bike rider on the right side of the 1st car. Time to head home. We had a nice lunch at Stefano's Pizza. It is really good, lots of varieties of pizza. We also stopped by Pink Berry for dessert.

Summer Happenings

Grandpa & Grandma Hansen came to watch Rebecca play in one of her high school VB Tournaments at South High. She is playing setter/opposite. She is doing a great job and hopefully will make the JV team at West High School. She has been busy practicing everyday early morning hours.
Rebecca, Nathan and I at Lunch-a-bunch. We celebrated my 50th Birthday with some of the ladies in the ward. We had a nice group there. Nathan looks so grow up to me lately. The food was pretty good at Pei Wei. The owner gave me a gift certificate to come back and eat there. That was really nice and a great little surprise.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pool Party -July 9, 2009

Amber made this special frozen toy treat for Nathan to play with at our "Pooh" party as he called it. It had a bunch of little plastic toys in it, which once the block of ice melted, he could play with them. He had fun throwing it in the water. Luckily he missed Becca and Sandi's heads when he threw it in the pool. It was a hard block of ice. The day turned out perfect for a "HOT" pool party at Amber's Home. We didn't think we would end up going in cause the water was cold. It got so hot we all had to go in. We were all happy to cool off in the pool.
Thanks Amber and Nathan for sharing.

Nice and cozy after his swim. Nathan blew bubbles in the water and had fun counting and jumping to Amber. I remember doing that a few years ago.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More Beach

Watch out Mom, here comes a Big One.
Ocean Water Fun.
Nathan was so proud of his seaweed treasure he found!
Nathan looks so small here against the big ocean.
Fun times at Knob Hill's Redondo Beach.

What a Beach Day!

Nathan getting used to the ocean. The water was cold, but you got use to it really fast cause of the beautiful sun shine today. Nathan loves water and it didn't take long for him to get into this water fun.
Amber ever close behind to watch over him.
Here's a pretty strong wave Becca and Nathan took on.
Running with joy along the beach with his tools for fun.
I think this picture says it all. It was so nice to have Amber and Nathan come down today. Becca joined me with VB play. It was a good thing. We had a total of 4 playing today. Becca and I won Heather and Alisha. These are some girls with VB skills. Great job Becca. This is after Becca had VB practice that same morning from 6am to 8am. She was a great sport to go with me to VB today. It was worth it, cause Amber and Nathan came down and relaxed with us after our games.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Sandi found a place near the LA Temple that has amazing Macarons. We've been there twice now in the past two weeks. The kind you find in Paris.
This is the cute box a dozen comes in. You can get any amount. One only needed. Check out the website for more info. www.paulettemacarons.com I found out you can order online and they will be ready when you come to pick them up.
Here are a few of my favorite flavors. From left to right. Lemon, Coconut, Sweet Almond.
Sandi likes the Vanilla and Carmel. You really can't go wrong here. The center is cold and the outside cookie is warmer and made out of meringue. The Lemon is strong. It taste like your eating a slice of Lemon Meringue Pie to me.
We had the family over Friday night for dinner. After dinner Amber was telling us how much Nathan likes to make forts. The girls were helping Nathan make a fort out of a blanket when Amber remembered how Grandma Earlene had made a little house fort out of felt. Oh yeah, I went up to our Attic and pulled it out. It works well with a card table under it. Nathan had fun making Chocolate Chip Cookies for us in his new little house. He can really make them up fast. He hand delivered them to each and all of the family.