Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Helmet Head Shots of Nathan!

Well what do I think of this helmet?
Doesn't really slow me down!
Grandpa says it looks like the phantom of the opera guy?
Grandpa is funny.
Ryan this is the bed we set up in the downstairs office.  Nathan is just trying it out for you.
Another cute sunset shot of Amber and Nathan, the 1st day of helmet wear.

Twins Baby Shower-June 26, 2008 for Lorena Maldonado

Lorena is due in August, Twin boys Matthew and Zarchary!
Here are some of the Young Women from the past, all grown up now.  Alexia with little Tyson.
Past YW Leaders

Monday, June 23, 2008

Amber and Nathan June 23, 2008 New Helmet for Nathan

Was so nice to have Amber, Kevin and Nathan come by tonight.  Here is Nathan's new helmet to help shape a few spots on his head.   He was so cute running around with it on tonight and didn't seemed bothered by it at all.  Even with the warm weather.  He was sweating just a bit.
Here is Nathan pointing at a spiders web he found.  He is really aware of things and says "this" while pointing at something as is to want to know what it is called.  He is learning a lot now.  We enjoyed having him to dinner with Amber and Kevin.  One good thing about the helmet, it does protect him from any little falls he may have at this age.

Nathan and Kevin taking a break during Rachel's Graduation!

Nathan's outta here-taking a break during Rachel's graduation.  Did I mention it was HOT!  It was so good of him to come, I know Rachel was happy to see him there.

Sandi's Photos.......

So interesting the center of this flower
Golf tee at Trump....Scott enjoys playing at this course.
Sharma and Matt

Knockouts Volleyball Team-City of Torrance

Here is our Team : Asst. Coach Patti Hoover, Alex, Emily, Laura, Nina, Becca and Me next row
Jenna, Savanna, Claire, Allegra and Kayla.  All great Volleyball players.  Have fun this summer girls playing lot of Volleyball.

More of the Knockouts Volleyball Team

Becca serving, she has got a great serve!

Graduation of Rachel June 18, 2008

Nathan pretty happy to be there, even in the hot sunshine!
Kevin, Amber, Kelly, Nathan and Rebecca
The "Knockouts"  Rebecca's VB team I got to coach, what fun!!!  They had a great season.  We played 8 games and only lost one match.  Only by 2 points.  The girls got better each game.  These girls now will go on to either West High or Bishop for there VB play.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Two Graduations!!! Double the Fun!

It was a blazing hot day for Rachel's West High Graduation.  Her family must really love her to sit in that heat.  Nathan even came.  Congratulations Rachel, job well done in high school.  On to BYU-I in the fall of this year.  Becca will just begin high school in the fall.  We are on the high school count down for her.  Four more years to go and seminary too!!  

HOT, HOT, HOT- Graduation Days June 18th & 19th, 2008

Nathan, Rachel and Shelly at Rachel's West High Graduation!
Rebecca's 8th Grade Promotion from Bert Lynn Middle School
More Friends

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Our trip to Utah we watched Ryan play some soccer

Here is Ryan with one of his teammates that is an amazing soccer player, so fast.
Scott and I had a nice little trip up to utah on the Memorial day weekend to visit Ryan and relax a little bit.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dad and Ryan in Maui Aug. 2006

Just like this photo of Ryan and Dad.  Dad with his arms around Ryan out side of the Maui Ward!  Dad was just called and ordained to be Stake Patriarch of the Palos Verdes stake.  That was last sunday June 1, 2008.  Pretty exciting.  We were not able to attend because we had Rachel's YW Recognition.  We had planned to go at 1:30pm but that was cancelled because President Lamb was delievering a baby at that time so it got done at a different time.  Sandi and Matt got to go and said it was wonderful.