Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Helmet Head Shots of Nathan!

Well what do I think of this helmet?
Doesn't really slow me down!
Grandpa says it looks like the phantom of the opera guy?
Grandpa is funny.
Ryan this is the bed we set up in the downstairs office.  Nathan is just trying it out for you.
Another cute sunset shot of Amber and Nathan, the 1st day of helmet wear.


Byron, Ashley, and TBD said...

He's adorable, even with that funny little helmet! It makes him all the more lovable. I'm sad I missed Lorena's shower!!! It would've been so fun to see everyone. Thanks for posting pictures. We're loving San Diego so far and hope to see you soon.

RyanScottCarter said...

Nathan's really cute, i'm excited to see him and everyone when i come home