Monday, May 25, 2009

Kelly, Nathan loved your card!

Right when he saw the door......he was excited. I took some movies of him opening it. He said "Sully and Mike". He was very excited to show his mom.
Amber and Kevin pretty happy with Woody's outfit.
Cute cake.....tasted great!

Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan!

Is that Woody? Yes it is....he came to wish Nathan a Happy 2nd Birthday. Nathan seemed to like Papa dressed as Woody. We had a nice group at the Woods home for Nathan's Party. Thanks, Karrie, Jim and Taylor for you kind hospitality.
Nathan and Woody with their special gold badges. Ryan had the idea to dress up as Woody for Nathan's party. Rebecca and I whipped up the costume. I think it turned out pretty good. I think I know what Scott might be for Halloween this year. I might have to work on a Jesse costume.

This was the 1st part of our day at La Romeria Park with the Redondo 2nd Ward Annual Picnic. Lots of good food and friends and fun things to do. VB, Horseshoes, Water Balloons, chatting, Egg toss and just relaxing. Lots of our Carter family were there too. Ron and Shelly Carter, Ashley, Byron and Lila, Sandi and Matt and Kelsey and her friend Jarod. We had Kristy and Rachel too. Such a nice time all together.

Rebecca and Ryan warming up together for a Volleyball game. They had fun playing a game against 8 others at one point. This is always fun for the ones that enjoy VB. Next year we need two nets. The children didn't get enough VB in.
Some of the family relaxing. Rachel is holding a cute little baby in our ward named Jovi.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What a Surprise! 5/12/09

After the temple, we went to Century City Outdoor Mall to exchange some earrings I had received for Mother's Day. They have some really neat stores there. They also have a AMC, containter store, and great food places. I told Scott we could do everything there to finish off our anniversary day. He told me he wanted to go home and change clothes. I agreed. We left the mall and headed home to change. We planned to change clothes and then go and see "Star Trek" the new movie out, that I have heard good reviews.
Sandi called to wish us Happy Anniversary as we were driving home on the freeway. I told her we were heading home.
Little did I know the kids and Scott had planned a little 30th Wedding Anniversary Party for us. Just the family. When we pulled up in front of the house, I saw Amber and Ryan with Nathan up on Ryan's shoulders. I was happy to see Amber, Nathan and Ryan. It is always fun to have the family over. We went inside to see signs the kids had made and Yellow streamers everywhere. That was one of our wedding colors. Everyone yelled Surprise. I was totally surprised! They had a lovely dinner planned. They also made a DVD with all these photos of Scott and I and the family through the years. It was really neat. We all sat and watched that. It had really great music to it also. "We've Only Just Begun" which was sung at our reception by my cousin, Rebecca . So many good memories. Thanks so much. Amber, Kevin, Nathan, Sandi, Matt, Ryan, Rachel and Rebecca. We missed you Kelly. We will see you soon.
Thanks again Family, especially Scott who helped plan this special day and night, I will always remember. Love you all! Shelly (Mom)
What a fun surprise!!!
A cake from Torrance Bakery, oh boy, one of my weaknesses. It was so good. The picture on the cake was used on our Wedding Invitations. What a great idea!

We are back to the place where it began 30 years ago.

We were able to go to the Los Angeles Temple today to help celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. So much has taken place in those 30 years. Looking forward to another 30 plus together and Eternity.
We had fun taking these photos with out little camera and timer.
Not too bad for no photographer.

Relaxing walk on the Beach for our Anniversary

We found some treasures, sea glass and a long sea weed stem.
I had never held one so long before, had to capture it.
What a beautiful day it was down in Redondo. Love you, Scott. Thanks for all your love and for being a great husband and father. I love you so much!!!

Happy 30th Anniversary!!! 5/12/09

Hollywood Back Lot In California Adventures

Just some random shots taken in the California Adventures part of Disneyland. I'm amazed how nice they keep the grounds and all the flowers. Reminds me of the temple grounds in places.
I took this photo, cause Amber has been a Lady Bug for Halloween and she was wearing Red.
Riding on one of the rides in the Bugs Life section of California Adventures.

More of the Disneyland Photos (Last Friday 5/8/09)

Martin Family near Bugs Life in CA Adventures
Kelly, we found Mary Poppins!
Nathan near the Hollywood Tower Hotel, Kevin and Amber went on this while we watched Nathan. Then Becca and I got fast passes and decided after Kevin encouraging us to go on and Amber telling us, she liked it. We did it and really had fun. Quite a thrill.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Day At Disneyland

Nathan with Amber at the Disney California Adventure side of the park on the Hollywood Back lot. I had never been there before. It was really cool. I highly recommend it. The bugs life stuff is soooo cute too.
Glad I got to use my 2fer pass before the 30 days ran out. Rebecca has a year pass which was fun for her along with Kevin and Amber. We got to meet them there again! Nathan you have good parents to take you to Disneyland so much. I love this photo of Nathan Wall-e and Amber.
Going on the Monster's Inc. ride, the first one of the night, for Nathan.
The grounds are kept so pretty. They had orange trees growning and tons of flowers.
Our Start of another great day at Disneyland.

Bubble Fun May 7th 2009

Ryan made a special bubble wand out of a coat hanger and made some great bubbles for Nathan to POP!
One of the big ones.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Rachel Marie Carter!!! May 4th

Rachel received this special little bunt cake as a gift from a friend, and also a gift card to "In and Out" along with some balloons. What a fun gift to receive! She also got her favorite birthday cake from Coldstones with cake batter ice cream, yum.
Here is Chelsea, Rachel and Becca. They just got back from Benihana's. They enjoyed a great eating adventure. Rachel and Chelsea went shopping and then Rachel showed her the pretty coast line where we live. Happy 19th Birthday Rachel. We all love you very much!!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

LA Zoo

We took a surprise trip to the Zoo today. Amber and Kevin invited us. It was warm, but we had some cool breezes. Nathan was in and out of his stroller. He could see all the different animals better out of his stroller.
We all loved this Meerkat! He posed a bunch on a rock. We think he loves doing that all day long.
Here's Reggy the alligator. We think he's alive. I believe he was just sun bathing here. Amber's 1st grade classes comes to the LA Zoo each year. She told us she reads a book about this alligator, "Reggie the Alligator".
Here's some of the gang. Missing Ryan, Kevin and myself. I forgot to charge my batteries so my camera died and I only got a few shots. Luckily Ryan and Amber had their cameras, hope to see Amber's photos on her blog soon. It was a great day and we all enjoyed seeing God's animal creations. Loved seeing the hippo, which was BIG! Also the giraffes and monkey's.