Saturday, May 02, 2009

LA Zoo

We took a surprise trip to the Zoo today. Amber and Kevin invited us. It was warm, but we had some cool breezes. Nathan was in and out of his stroller. He could see all the different animals better out of his stroller.
We all loved this Meerkat! He posed a bunch on a rock. We think he loves doing that all day long.
Here's Reggy the alligator. We think he's alive. I believe he was just sun bathing here. Amber's 1st grade classes comes to the LA Zoo each year. She told us she reads a book about this alligator, "Reggie the Alligator".
Here's some of the gang. Missing Ryan, Kevin and myself. I forgot to charge my batteries so my camera died and I only got a few shots. Luckily Ryan and Amber had their cameras, hope to see Amber's photos on her blog soon. It was a great day and we all enjoyed seeing God's animal creations. Loved seeing the hippo, which was BIG! Also the giraffes and monkey's.

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