Friday, May 15, 2009

What a Surprise! 5/12/09

After the temple, we went to Century City Outdoor Mall to exchange some earrings I had received for Mother's Day. They have some really neat stores there. They also have a AMC, containter store, and great food places. I told Scott we could do everything there to finish off our anniversary day. He told me he wanted to go home and change clothes. I agreed. We left the mall and headed home to change. We planned to change clothes and then go and see "Star Trek" the new movie out, that I have heard good reviews.
Sandi called to wish us Happy Anniversary as we were driving home on the freeway. I told her we were heading home.
Little did I know the kids and Scott had planned a little 30th Wedding Anniversary Party for us. Just the family. When we pulled up in front of the house, I saw Amber and Ryan with Nathan up on Ryan's shoulders. I was happy to see Amber, Nathan and Ryan. It is always fun to have the family over. We went inside to see signs the kids had made and Yellow streamers everywhere. That was one of our wedding colors. Everyone yelled Surprise. I was totally surprised! They had a lovely dinner planned. They also made a DVD with all these photos of Scott and I and the family through the years. It was really neat. We all sat and watched that. It had really great music to it also. "We've Only Just Begun" which was sung at our reception by my cousin, Rebecca . So many good memories. Thanks so much. Amber, Kevin, Nathan, Sandi, Matt, Ryan, Rachel and Rebecca. We missed you Kelly. We will see you soon.
Thanks again Family, especially Scott who helped plan this special day and night, I will always remember. Love you all! Shelly (Mom)
What a fun surprise!!!
A cake from Torrance Bakery, oh boy, one of my weaknesses. It was so good. The picture on the cake was used on our Wedding Invitations. What a great idea!



Happy Anniversary! What a special party! How fun!

Holly said...

That's so fun! You deserve to be celebrated! Congratulations! What fun of your kids to plan all of that...

hales said...

Congratulations on 30 years. Woo hoo!! Sounds like all of your festivities were too much fun.
- Melody

Stan & Isabelle said...

Love the cake - it brings back great memories from your invitation picture! 30 years - what great years and oh what fun!!!