Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan!

Is that Woody? Yes it is....he came to wish Nathan a Happy 2nd Birthday. Nathan seemed to like Papa dressed as Woody. We had a nice group at the Woods home for Nathan's Party. Thanks, Karrie, Jim and Taylor for you kind hospitality.
Nathan and Woody with their special gold badges. Ryan had the idea to dress up as Woody for Nathan's party. Rebecca and I whipped up the costume. I think it turned out pretty good. I think I know what Scott might be for Halloween this year. I might have to work on a Jesse costume.

This was the 1st part of our day at La Romeria Park with the Redondo 2nd Ward Annual Picnic. Lots of good food and friends and fun things to do. VB, Horseshoes, Water Balloons, chatting, Egg toss and just relaxing. Lots of our Carter family were there too. Ron and Shelly Carter, Ashley, Byron and Lila, Sandi and Matt and Kelsey and her friend Jarod. We had Kristy and Rachel too. Such a nice time all together.

Rebecca and Ryan warming up together for a Volleyball game. They had fun playing a game against 8 others at one point. This is always fun for the ones that enjoy VB. Next year we need two nets. The children didn't get enough VB in.
Some of the family relaxing. Rachel is holding a cute little baby in our ward named Jovi.

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