Friday, February 27, 2009

Who is this Ghost in our Atttic?

Meet the star of the movie being made in our attic today. Kelly's friends from LMU are in a film production class and wrote a ghost story that will take place in our attic. They arrived at 6:45am. It is 2:45pm and they are still here. They told me they would finish around 8:00pm. Let's hope so it's Friday night. Rebecca has big plans for us watching High School Musical 3.
This is some of the equipment they brought in. Mind you, this is a short film, only five minutes long and they are shooting two more days. Other locations!

They brought in food for the crew of 13.
Here is some more stuff .

Our Attic Transformed for a movie?

Today a real 5 minutes movie is being filmed at our home. Kelly's friends approached us. I had know idea it was a "REAL" movie. Actors, lights, cameras, food! The photo above is early in the morning when they are just getting started blowing up balloons. They are making the attic into an aquarium. The story is about a young boy who dies and his sister has a gold fish to remind her of him. The gold fish also dies. When this happens the little sister decides to make a place for her brother and gold fish to live(the aquarium attic). I was promised a copy of the film. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Kevin and Bryce. Bryce is the director and writer of the movie. They have been so nice and grateful for use of our home.
The aquarium

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Sign

I just noticed this a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd capture it on the way to the open air market this morning. The pier has special meaning to me and many fond childhood memories. After my Baptism at the age of eight, my parents took me to the pier and I got to get some pink cotton candy. Heaven! Now every time I take a walk down there I think of that sweet memory. Thanks mom and dad. I also loved the white bible they gave to me, I still have it. Has great pictures in it.
Nathan loves getting a free sample of strawberries and popcorn. Here he is dissecting his strawberry. See his popcorn sample on his blanket?
We took a pause from our stroll, to check out all the birds, Nathan shared a fishy cracker with them too.
Pretty colored ocean, it was so beautiful down there today, but no Volleyball friends playing down there today, so instead we stopped by the park that Nathan noticed as we were heading home. He said "PARK"!
The palm trees and ocean in the distance reminded me when we were in Maui. Memories!


Nathan was just having a great time running around the yard chasing the dogs. Zorro and Sharma.

Nathan and Sandi

Nathan loves Sandi, she came over to visit today, which was fun for all of us!
Looks like Nathan and Sharma are dancing together. Sharma is just trying to get the ball from Nathan.
Nathan getting his 1st art lesson in chalk from Sandi.
Nathan discovered the fort today. He can actually get up inside of it by the side ladder with help.
Loves honking that tracter horn! This use to be Ryan's ride.

Backyard Fun at Grandma's

Nathan and I had a fun morning out in our backyard. He found all our riding equipment very entertaining. This was Rebecca's old car. The horn works quite well still.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Primary Valentine's Party

We had a very fun Valentine's Party Saturday at the Ward for all the Primary Children.  We had about 16 of our 20 Children there.  We had some of the YW help out with the decorating cookies and Valentines.  The children loved playing the games, fruit salad and duck, duck, goose.  These are classics for fun.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The installers are here!! Thanks Kevin and Scott

After 24 years and 10 months of service our Washer bit the dust.  That was one good washer and repairman that kept it going.   I sometimes wonder how many loads of wash that washer has done.  With 6 kids and doing about 3 loads many days each week.  It was a lot of loads.    Scott and I have been looking the past two days at different types of washers.  Our decision was made today.  Scott was able to get a great price on an Asko Washer and Dryer since Carter Services does the warranty work for Asko.  I'm so excited to do laundry....never thought I would say that.  I have a bit of catching up to do.  Thank you Scott for installing it tonight with Kevin.  

Thanks for the dinner idea, Marie Adams.  We had a wonderful Valentines Eve dinner after the appliances were installed.  The heart shaped meat loaf was great, especially with the baked potatoes and asparagus.  Happy Valentines everyone!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hawaii or Royal Palms?

Sandi and I got to spend the day together. We went to lunch at one of my favorite places in town. Busy Bee Market. If you ever get a chance to go there, you have to get a Bar-B-Q Chicken Sandwich. They are amazing! I kid you not. Be sure to not go at 12 noon. There will be a line out the door. It's located in the middle of a San Pedro neighborhood. On 24th Street and Patton.
Oh we weren't in Hawaii. It was San Pedro, at Royal Palms. So many good memories from my childhood here. This is just down the street from where my parents live. Brownie overnighter, roasting marsh mellows, ward picnics. Going to the tide pools as a child, and even a date with Scott at the tidepools, long time ago. This was while we were dating.
Sandi enjoying the sun shine and the tide pools. It was such a pretty day. We are so glad she and Matt are living here, where we can enjoy them.
If you look closely or double click this picture you can see the birds are getting splashed by the waves. There were some big birds down there.

Tide pool fun with Sandi-Feb. 11th, 2009

Checking out the waves-Tuesday Feb. 10th, 2009

Nathan and I enjoyed watching the waves.  The surfers were out today.  This is just before going home for nap time.  Boy......I like nap time!
One of the many surfers that were out that day.  The ocean was really moving.
This is earlier when Nathan and I were watching some of our friends playing 2 on 2.
Nathan is King of the Beach as you can see.