Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Attic Transformed for a movie?

Today a real 5 minutes movie is being filmed at our home. Kelly's friends approached us. I had know idea it was a "REAL" movie. Actors, lights, cameras, food! The photo above is early in the morning when they are just getting started blowing up balloons. They are making the attic into an aquarium. The story is about a young boy who dies and his sister has a gold fish to remind her of him. The gold fish also dies. When this happens the little sister decides to make a place for her brother and gold fish to live(the aquarium attic). I was promised a copy of the film. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Kevin and Bryce. Bryce is the director and writer of the movie. They have been so nice and grateful for use of our home.
The aquarium

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Shelly Carter said...

that looks so fun Zack had friends over last night and they were making a movie I am sure that this is a bit more professional than theirs I love having all the kids over