Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hawaii or Royal Palms?

Sandi and I got to spend the day together. We went to lunch at one of my favorite places in town. Busy Bee Market. If you ever get a chance to go there, you have to get a Bar-B-Q Chicken Sandwich. They are amazing! I kid you not. Be sure to not go at 12 noon. There will be a line out the door. It's located in the middle of a San Pedro neighborhood. On 24th Street and Patton.
Oh we weren't in Hawaii. It was San Pedro, at Royal Palms. So many good memories from my childhood here. This is just down the street from where my parents live. Brownie overnighter, roasting marsh mellows, ward picnics. Going to the tide pools as a child, and even a date with Scott at the tidepools, long time ago. This was while we were dating.
Sandi enjoying the sun shine and the tide pools. It was such a pretty day. We are so glad she and Matt are living here, where we can enjoy them.
If you look closely or double click this picture you can see the birds are getting splashed by the waves. There were some big birds down there.

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The Maldonado Family said...

Hey I love your pictures the beach looks so nice, you know I never been there :( I should check it out one of these days!!
Well glad to see you are doing great. Love