Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Sign

I just noticed this a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd capture it on the way to the open air market this morning. The pier has special meaning to me and many fond childhood memories. After my Baptism at the age of eight, my parents took me to the pier and I got to get some pink cotton candy. Heaven! Now every time I take a walk down there I think of that sweet memory. Thanks mom and dad. I also loved the white bible they gave to me, I still have it. Has great pictures in it.
Nathan loves getting a free sample of strawberries and popcorn. Here he is dissecting his strawberry. See his popcorn sample on his blanket?
We took a pause from our stroll, to check out all the birds, Nathan shared a fishy cracker with them too.
Pretty colored ocean, it was so beautiful down there today, but no Volleyball friends playing down there today, so instead we stopped by the park that Nathan noticed as we were heading home. He said "PARK"!
The palm trees and ocean in the distance reminded me when we were in Maui. Memories!

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The Maldonado Family said...

Looking at all your pictures makes me want to take the boys to the beach. They are now to small for their car seats so they sit in the stroller all by themself, well they will starting Sunday (once daddy instals the new car seats), nathan is so cute and it looks like he has a great time at your house! Let me know what Friday is good for us to visit you :)