Monday, August 31, 2009

Princess Rachel

Here is the crown Becca made her for her special dinner. I think it is pretty creative! Rachel liked being the Princess.
Just before going to church.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rachel's Special Dinner with the Fam

We made Rachel's favorite meal for all the family last friday, she goes back up to school this friday the 4th of Sept. She has a favorite dish. It's chicken baked slow with bacon wrapped around it with beef seasonings too! Lipton baked potato pieces. Rebecca made her a special crown that I will have to get a better picture of her wearing. We are going to miss Rachel. She has been home since April and has been working hard at Dolci Mango a european yogurt place. She returns to BYU-I, for another year of school. She will be on her second year of college.
Nathan playing with Becca and Grandpa Scott.
Zorro, Grandpa Scott and Nathan going for a little night time walk.
Scott showing something to Kevin, and I love how Nathan is just staring at Scott.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CTR Sugar Cookies and Volleyball

I made these special CTR cookies for our Primary children last weekend. They really were excited. I told them they needed to be reverent or my family would be happy to eat the extra cookies. We generally don't do snack in Primary. We did tie in the cookies to the CTR theme, which stands for "Choose the Right". I think it may help them remember to do that each day or at least for a few moments.
Ryan and Jeff played a CVBA tournament last saturday in Manhattan Beach. It was a hard tournament. The pool they were in was amazing VB, the best I've watched this summer. The 1st team they played won the whole thing. What a hot humid day it was, we were sweating just watching.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Special time with Becca at Disneyland 8/10/09

Rebecca set this meeting up......Mickey Mouse and us in his house.

Just a few shots of Rebecca taken at Disneyland. We have seen just about everything there in my last three visit there with her. My favorites: 1. Indiana Jones Ride 2. Soar'n California 3. The 3D movie called "Its tough to be a Bug" @ the Bugs Life Theatre.
The parades, fireworks are always a hit with me too.

California Adventures with Nathan and Amber 8/10/09

Rebecca talked me into going to Disneyland again. The most I've ever gone in one years time. We really had a great day. We meet Amber and Nathan for the morning and had fun seeing a new show in the Bugs Life Theatre. I highly recommend it. It was called "Its not easy being a Bug". The show was in 3D and lasted about 9 mins. There are a few fun surprises! It was a bit intense for Nathan, but he braved though it OK.
Nathan wasn't too sure about that bad guy Hopper behind him. He finally gave him a high five.
Nathan ready for the show. Those are bug eyes of Ants for the 3 D movie.

Such a nice warm day, we cooled off here for a bit.

La Jolla Shores Beach-Saturday 8/8/09

Best Sandwich shop we found to eat lunch! Don't get the lemonade though. They have tables right out in front you can eat at. You can then watch all the Kayakers coming and going down to the beach to go into the 7 caves of La Jolla. We got to do that. What fun. We had two double kayaks. Rachel and Becca went together and Scott and I did as well. We went out with a guide and actually got to go into a few caves. Lots of sea life was seen as well. We saw a 5 foot Leopard shark while paddling out! Lots of fish and noisy Sea Lions. It was a lesson in working together. Some of us did better than others. Scott thinks this is a good thing for anyone thinking of marriage to do before getting married. You can see how well you work together!
This beach was packed. Not what we like, but it was so nice there and the water was like bath water. In the back round you can see the 7 caves of La Jolla shores.
Having a great time in the warm water.
This was the hill behind the beach. It really reminded me of Palos Verdes.
Staying cool under our umbrealla.

On Coronado Island!

Such a great Hotel....I really want to stay here some day. It really is old and charming. If you have ever seen the movie "Some Where In Time" with Christopher Reeves. This place reminds me of that movie a lot.
Rachel walking by the Hotel sign. Established in 1888. This is an old Hotel they have really kept up.
My Sweetheart!
It was a busy beach day and lots going on. There were a bunch of boys playing soccer right in front of where we are standing. They were really in to it. I thought they were going to run right into these rocks a few time.

Coronado Hotel and Beach

Scott with some of the tide pools just in front of the Hotel Coronado. We had some fun exploring and playing at the beach there. It was a gorgeous day! We live in a beautiful state. Thankful to have some time away together having fun and making good memories!

Rachel and Becca having fun posing down at Balboa Park, near the Veterans Memorial.
This was right near our Hotel, a place called Sea Port Village. This man was flying kites. He was asking for donations. His name on his donation box was "The Kite Man". He had about 3 kites going all at once.
Scott, Rachel and Becca at Sea Port Village. We had a nice stroll along here and lunch.

Relaxing in San Diego

This is not us at the pool! One of the funnier shows at Sea World where they make fun of all the other shows at Sea World.
Whale jumping high.
Loved this little sea otter. He reminded us of Zorro. Our little 5 lb. dog.
Kelly, I put this photo in just for you. We went to the Manatee Preserve and saw them eating lettuce. It makes me wonder about eating more salad?

Summer Vacation Time

Rebecca, Rachel, Scott and I went down to San Diego and had a great time at Sea World, Coronado and La Jolla Beaches. The weather was awesome and we really enjoyed the shows. It had been a long time since we'd gone to Sea World.

This was a fun show called Cirque La Mer. Lots of amazing stuff done by these two.
The dolphins were so cute and could circle that tanks so fast.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Kelly and Bryan Loved having you this weekend!

Kelly and Bryan (Kelly's boyfriend) came to visit this weekend from Provo. It was so fun to have them. They planned a fun trip to Disneyland and it worked out that Amber, Kevin, Nathan, Becca, Sandi, Matt were able to meet up all together. I spent the day relaxing with nobody home. They all had a fun time except for one "Tower of Terror" ride for someone? No name mentioned here.
Kelly and Bryan also got to see "Fiddler on the Roof" saturday night. They both really enjoyed it.
Today Bryan and the girls spent some of the day warming in the sun and playing with water balloons with Nathan and the hose too! It was a pretty warm day, so all had fun getting a bit wet. Amber and Kevin had their 7th Wedding Anniversary and got to get away to Vegas this weekend. Thank you Grandma Karrie for watching Nathan for the Martin's. We loved having Nathan for today!

Kelly enjoying time with Nathan. She really misses him while in Provo.

Ryan and Bryan. Try saying that fast 3 times.
Sunday night had a great dinner with all the family. Here are a few of our guest.
Bryan and Kelly reading a Bugs Life book to Nathan. He loves books. Loves all the Pixar movies too. They really are pretty funny and cute to watch.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Inside the Pantages

Here are some of the pictures I took last weekend while waiting for the Fiddler on the Roof to start. This was just to my right. I'm not sure how old this theatre is, but it looks like the 40's or earlier to me. We have Kelly and Bryan in town this weekend. They went last night to see the play.

We had great seats!
The center light above the Pantages
Love the colors and the age of this Theatre.