Monday, August 03, 2009

Kelly and Bryan Loved having you this weekend!

Kelly and Bryan (Kelly's boyfriend) came to visit this weekend from Provo. It was so fun to have them. They planned a fun trip to Disneyland and it worked out that Amber, Kevin, Nathan, Becca, Sandi, Matt were able to meet up all together. I spent the day relaxing with nobody home. They all had a fun time except for one "Tower of Terror" ride for someone? No name mentioned here.
Kelly and Bryan also got to see "Fiddler on the Roof" saturday night. They both really enjoyed it.
Today Bryan and the girls spent some of the day warming in the sun and playing with water balloons with Nathan and the hose too! It was a pretty warm day, so all had fun getting a bit wet. Amber and Kevin had their 7th Wedding Anniversary and got to get away to Vegas this weekend. Thank you Grandma Karrie for watching Nathan for the Martin's. We loved having Nathan for today!

Kelly enjoying time with Nathan. She really misses him while in Provo.

Ryan and Bryan. Try saying that fast 3 times.
Sunday night had a great dinner with all the family. Here are a few of our guest.
Bryan and Kelly reading a Bugs Life book to Nathan. He loves books. Loves all the Pixar movies too. They really are pretty funny and cute to watch.


The Maldonado Family said...

helly happy birthday!! Sorry a little late I have being super busy with Matt getting sick and then their bday! Hopefully we can come see you soon, I am not working anymore so hopefully we can get together we miss you...

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday Shelly! You make 50 look great! I hope that you are enjoying your birthday month with lots of delicious macaroons! By the way...
What was the name of the little French bakery by the temple to get some of those macaroons?