Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rachel's Special Dinner with the Fam

We made Rachel's favorite meal for all the family last friday, she goes back up to school this friday the 4th of Sept. She has a favorite dish. It's chicken baked slow with bacon wrapped around it with beef seasonings too! Lipton baked potato pieces. Rebecca made her a special crown that I will have to get a better picture of her wearing. We are going to miss Rachel. She has been home since April and has been working hard at Dolci Mango a european yogurt place. She returns to BYU-I, for another year of school. She will be on her second year of college.
Nathan playing with Becca and Grandpa Scott.
Zorro, Grandpa Scott and Nathan going for a little night time walk.
Scott showing something to Kevin, and I love how Nathan is just staring at Scott.

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