Tuesday, August 11, 2009

California Adventures with Nathan and Amber 8/10/09

Rebecca talked me into going to Disneyland again. The most I've ever gone in one years time. We really had a great day. We meet Amber and Nathan for the morning and had fun seeing a new show in the Bugs Life Theatre. I highly recommend it. It was called "Its not easy being a Bug". The show was in 3D and lasted about 9 mins. There are a few fun surprises! It was a bit intense for Nathan, but he braved though it OK.
Nathan wasn't too sure about that bad guy Hopper behind him. He finally gave him a high five.
Nathan ready for the show. Those are bug eyes of Ants for the 3 D movie.

Such a nice warm day, we cooled off here for a bit.

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Amber said...

I'm glad we could meet you at Disneyland. Too bad we didn't win that fast pass :)