Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farewell Dinner for Marc and Mindy Colin & Ted Gabbitas from Carter Services

We went to El Torito Grill for dinner and had a wonderful time visiting with our friends before they and their cute little family moves to England.  We appreciate all the good Marc did at Carter Services for the past four years.  Ted as well! 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Summer- 2007 One year before their Gold in Beijing!

Becca and Kelly last summer when we went to watch Misty and Karrie playing in Hermosa Beach.   These are pretty cute pictures with the girls.  They were really nice too.

Friends-Su'a and Carter Family

Kelly, Me, Becca, Scott, Travis, Murphy, Nina and Rachel.  Best wishes to Travis in Leon, Mexico.  See you in two years!

Travis Missionary Farwell

Travis, Rachel and Marc.
  Farewell Travis, he leaves for the MTC to report this Wednesday.  We have watched him grow up before our eyes.  He will be a great missionary to the people in Leon, Mexico.  We are so happy for him, and know he will serve there well.

Nishi Wedding

We all went to our neighbor's wedding yesterday in Newport Beach.  It was for Shannon and Craig Kakuda.  It was such a beautiful setting.  Very happy for the two of them.
Here Nathan is chowing on his special kids meal and sparkling cider.  He was such a good boy at his third wedding already.

Happy 50th MOM & DAD-August 23, 1958-2008

Where is Fred?  Well still not feeling well with the kidney stones passing.  He has been suffering for over one month.  Rebecca and I went over to visit my mom and dad, dad was sleeping and so the picture with Mom and Rebecca.  I'm so glad you got married 50 years ago.  Where would I be without you both?   Love you very much!!!  Our prayers are with you dad.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cheering on the Women's Beach Volleyball team!

Misty May-Treanor and Karrie Walsh coached by my cousin Troy Tanner are the Two Time Olympic GOLD medalist.  They won in Beijing, China, 2008.  Best in the World.  Pretty cool.  Congratulations!!!!

Olympic Gold Party!!! Go USA Women's Beach Volleyball

Bob, Heather, Me and Scott in our Red, White and Blue watching Misty May and Kerry Walsh going for the Gold medal against China's young women's team.
A few more of the VB gang enjoying the Olympics, being patient while we wanted up till 11:oopm for the game to start.
Alesia came prepared with lighted flag to cheer the Americans on.
Andrea with the Gold around her neck, she had to leave early cause of work demands, we presented her with the gold before they had even won.
Here I am showing the technique of Misty-May doing a pokey, still am working on that move out on the court.  Shelley Martin and husband Rob in the backround.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

UPDATE: Lila Jane came at 3:00pm Saturday

She and Ashley are doing well.  Lila Jane was 8lbs. .09oz. and has light colored hair.  I'll try and get a picture on here soon.

Ashley Halsey has Baby Girl....Lila-August 16th, 2008

It's a girl for Ashley which we knew,  haven't heard all the details yet.  So happy she is here.  Kelsey sent Kelly a picture of the little one.  She is so cute!!  Can't wait to meet her.  Kent and Cheryl are now Grandparents.  It's the best.  Congratulations Ashley and Byron!!!

Saturday Fun.......August 16, 2008

It was great to have Nathan over today with Amber.  We have been having such a nice warm summer with cool breezes.  It was just fun to hang out in our backyard and watch Nathan explore.  He found our little slide and car that Becca use to drive when she was his age.

  We missed him while they had a family trip to St. George.  I love Nathan walking all over now in these cute little sandals.  He is always on the go now.  If he isn't eating in his little table chair he is all over the place now.  Look how happy he is to be going outside.  We now need to redo our deck, and soon!!
Nathan still has his helmet which seems to be working well on shaping up his head to the right ways now.  He was pretty crowded inside of Amber.  He was a big 9lbs. 4 oz.  Hard to believe Amber could hold that all.  He is starting to talk/jibbler jabber more.  He does say more when he wants more food.  Amazing how fast they learn.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm ONE!

Kelly taught Nathan how to tell how old he is.....She says "how old is Nathan?", then he smiles and holds up his finger.  He is too cute.  Love this little grandson, so much.  

Pool Day at Amber's

This is a nice set-up for Nathan and Grandma.  Nathan wasn't feeling too great today but still had fun relaxing in the pool with Kelly and I.  Sandi and Amber watched us from the side lines.
Nathan loves Kelly and could not get enough attention from her today.
Loves throwing the balls.  We had fun throwing them at him too.
Nathan and Kelly, was a nice warm day, great for floating around.
The things they have now days for these little ones are pretty cool.  I think Nathan likes it.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wonderful time in Big Bear- Thanks, Heidi!!!

Cheryl, Lori, Me and Nickie
Everyone except Michelle.
Book Club Book Babes Big Bear July 31-Aug. 2, 2008-  Till next time girls.

Friday Night Activities in Big Bear with the Book Babes

One of the choice gifts received at the White Elephant exchange.  Lori getting this dog from Paula that had actual hair on it from a real dog.  It was really gross.  We all had a good laugh on that one, and wanted to wash our hands once it was passed around.
Michelle and Cheryl checking it out.
We also celebrated Cheryl's birthday with cards, gifts and a moist Lemon Cake.  
Happy, Happy Birthday Cheryl!
Blowing out the Candles.

1st Time on a JET SKI/SKI DOO-Friday Aug. 1st, 2008

Heidi helping me plug the jet ski key in.  I like the shadow of Janee, taking the photo.
I'm I really going to go out on the lake alone?  Lori had taken me out for a nice ride and I decided to get my courage up and go for it!
Away I go.......nice and slow till I got out past the 5 mph boey.  On my way back in I was trying to get up to Lori and Michelle, but was going too fast and the Police boat guy told me to slow down.  It was pretty funny because I never really went that fast the whole time out there.  If I did the water would fly up in my face and then the wind would hit you and it would get cold.
This is a funny Fred Hansen face.  I was a bit nervous.

Book Club in Big Bear-July 31st-Aug.2nd, 2008

A walk/run down to the Big Bear Lake, wonderful sunny day.
One of our new friends we me on the dock at Big Bear.
Me, Cheryl, Lori, Janee and the Pirate!
One of the crazy Pirates climbing aboard.  (It wasn't a real person)