Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday Fun.......August 16, 2008

It was great to have Nathan over today with Amber.  We have been having such a nice warm summer with cool breezes.  It was just fun to hang out in our backyard and watch Nathan explore.  He found our little slide and car that Becca use to drive when she was his age.

  We missed him while they had a family trip to St. George.  I love Nathan walking all over now in these cute little sandals.  He is always on the go now.  If he isn't eating in his little table chair he is all over the place now.  Look how happy he is to be going outside.  We now need to redo our deck, and soon!!
Nathan still has his helmet which seems to be working well on shaping up his head to the right ways now.  He was pretty crowded inside of Amber.  He was a big 9lbs. 4 oz.  Hard to believe Amber could hold that all.  He is starting to talk/jibbler jabber more.  He does say more when he wants more food.  Amazing how fast they learn.

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