Sunday, September 30, 2007

Super Grandson!

It's Super Nathan flying high.
Big Nathan 4 months old, almost 18 lbs. sitting up fairly well. He looks like he is a bit tired of sitting up and starting to move forward.

How sweet it is.....Nathan 4 months old with mom!

Martin family back to visit the San Pedro Ward.

Here is Amber and Nathan out in front of my parents home. He is really a sweetheart! He was so cute at church today and wore this cute little sweater vest. He is adorable....what can I say.

Visit to San Pedro Ward

Wonderful day...we visited Mom and Dad Hansen in San Pedro. Amber and Kevin were visiting to see some friends in that ward who were blessing their twins, a boy and girl. It was really sweet and very sweet to be all together, except Ryan who went to the singles ward. After Sacrament meeting had a pizza lunch with ice cream treats. Thanks mom for having us all over. Kris, Joe, Blaize and Ryker were there too. Rebecca, Blaize and Ryker had fun riding dad's segway.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Our Gondola ride in Venice!

What a beautiful day, we timed this just right. It was a very enjoyable relaxing ride for all of us.
How romantic!

Here we all are!

Fun times in St. Mark's Square

Ryan and Kelly were really having fun with this even though they were a little nervous about the birds and their diseases possibly.

Venice is Beautiful!

Ryan and Kelly in front of one of the many water canals in Venice.
Shelly and Scott enjoying the beautiful day in Venice. Getting close to the gondola ride.


The bridge of sighs....a very famous bridge in Venice
Kelly and Shelly feeding the birds.
Scott feeding the birds in St. Mark's Square and you can't help but smile while doing it.

Switzerland boarder crossing.

This is the picture I took as we came into Switzerland, we were there for just a short time. We came to find chocolate. We did find it and then went back to como.
Ryan and I just after arriving on the island of Lido. Lido is just across the canal about 10 min. to Venice. So very cool to be there. Instead of roads there are water ways everywhere. Instead of cars, taxis you have boats and water taxis. A very unique way to move around a city. We were use to the subways/metros and buses to get us around. This was a different experience.
Shelly and Scott in St. Mark's Square in Venice. This was a fun place to be. We had a very surprising good time here with the birds. Other photos to follow.

Como Lake Bliss!

One more photo near Lake Como.

Scott back in Como, Italy (30 years later)

Scott on the bow of the boat.
Love this picture, of some of the boats on lake como, with the hills in the backround. The como branch is up in those hills on the left.
Kelly and Ryan looking pretty happy as we headed out on our boat cruise of lake como.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

One of the interesting homes along como's shores.

Here's a nice little lake front retreat on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. Thought it might be fun to have a party there. We want to go back someday and explore around the lake more, not enough time in Como. 3 1/2 days only.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Boating on Lake Como!

We went for a boat ride on Lake Como, it was so pretty, so many homes on the waters edge that were so interesting.
Scott and Shelly on the Lake together, we feel so blessed to have been on this special trip together. It really was a trip of a lifetime. We hope to go back to como again. Next time maybe we can take Rachel and Rebecca. Who knows maybe Amber and Sandi too.

Kelly and Ryan enjoying the boat ride on Lake Como, just as we reached shore it started to down pour rain. We were happy to have missed that.

Como Branch Members Remembered

Primary Children of the Como Branch! How cute are they? All 9 of them.
This sister next to Scott is a lady that he said was at the center of holding the branch together 30 years ago. She is now married to the man on her left. Her name is Angela Lanzetta. She is still a force for good in como.
Scott talking to Sister Angela Lanzetta in Italian.
Shelly, Scott and Caterina Galliano after church out in front of the branch building.
The sister missionaries with one of the branch members, these sisters were so nice and the one in the yellow top translated for me during sacrament meeting. The other sister missionary spoke in church that sunday and was really cute, spoke on the Holy Ghost.

August 18, 2007 Visiting the Como Branch

Como Branch, side entrance into the branch. This building used to be someones home/villa that the church has made into a beautiful place of worship. This was one of the high lights of our trip getting to see the growth of this little branch, that actually seemed larger than our ward here. The branch is located on a hillside with pine trees around it. I felt like we were up in the mountain. What a great day!!!
This was the entrance or foyer of the branch building. There is a baptismal font just to the left of Scott.

Here are two of the ushers of the branch. They were so kind and friendly to us and very happy to speak Italian with Scott. They were really excited to hear Scott served as a missionary 30 years ago and was the branch President for 9 months. Look at their happy faces.

Here is Scott, Kelly, Ryan and a member that remembered Scott from 30 years ago, named Caterina. This is in front of the branch. Caterina drove us into the main town of Como after church, so we didn't have to take a taxi. Thank you, Caterina!

Monday, September 03, 2007

We are back in the United States !

Kelly, Ryan, Shelly and Scott at Lake Como, this place is beautiful. This is where Scott served his mission 30 years ago. We had fun going to the branch where Scott served as the Branch President for 9 months. It was great to meet some of the members that are still there and they remembered Scott. Some very great people!

Scott and I aside lake como, we went for a boat ride and it was gorgeous there.

So good to be home! We had a great trip to France and Italy and will be posting some of our favorite pictures of the trip little by little. Still feeling a bit of the effects of jet-lag. Kelly got off to LAX yesterday and back to provo for another semester at BYU. We'll miss you Kelly. We had a little early 20th birthday party for her on Saturday Sept. 1st since she won't be home on her birthday on sept. 19th.