Saturday, September 08, 2007

August 18, 2007 Visiting the Como Branch

Como Branch, side entrance into the branch. This building used to be someones home/villa that the church has made into a beautiful place of worship. This was one of the high lights of our trip getting to see the growth of this little branch, that actually seemed larger than our ward here. The branch is located on a hillside with pine trees around it. I felt like we were up in the mountain. What a great day!!!
This was the entrance or foyer of the branch building. There is a baptismal font just to the left of Scott.

Here are two of the ushers of the branch. They were so kind and friendly to us and very happy to speak Italian with Scott. They were really excited to hear Scott served as a missionary 30 years ago and was the branch President for 9 months. Look at their happy faces.

Here is Scott, Kelly, Ryan and a member that remembered Scott from 30 years ago, named Caterina. This is in front of the branch. Caterina drove us into the main town of Como after church, so we didn't have to take a taxi. Thank you, Caterina!

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