Monday, September 03, 2007

We are back in the United States !

Kelly, Ryan, Shelly and Scott at Lake Como, this place is beautiful. This is where Scott served his mission 30 years ago. We had fun going to the branch where Scott served as the Branch President for 9 months. It was great to meet some of the members that are still there and they remembered Scott. Some very great people!

Scott and I aside lake como, we went for a boat ride and it was gorgeous there.

So good to be home! We had a great trip to France and Italy and will be posting some of our favorite pictures of the trip little by little. Still feeling a bit of the effects of jet-lag. Kelly got off to LAX yesterday and back to provo for another semester at BYU. We'll miss you Kelly. We had a little early 20th birthday party for her on Saturday Sept. 1st since she won't be home on her birthday on sept. 19th.

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Emily Loria said...

Thank you so much for the well wishes on my blog. I do have to say that I am so jealous of your Euopean vacation as I am in love with all things French. (Someday soon I hope to make it out!) I love cheking in on your Daughters Blog and seeing baby Nathan, he is adorable!