Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CTR Sugar Cookies and Volleyball

I made these special CTR cookies for our Primary children last weekend. They really were excited. I told them they needed to be reverent or my family would be happy to eat the extra cookies. We generally don't do snack in Primary. We did tie in the cookies to the CTR theme, which stands for "Choose the Right". I think it may help them remember to do that each day or at least for a few moments.
Ryan and Jeff played a CVBA tournament last saturday in Manhattan Beach. It was a hard tournament. The pool they were in was amazing VB, the best I've watched this summer. The 1st team they played won the whole thing. What a hot humid day it was, we were sweating just watching.


Amber said...

yum...I just ate mine :) They turned out so cute.

Shelly Carter said...

Man that sounds so good right now ! I'm going to the Diet Dr Ive lost 10 lb this month and I would love a cookie!!!