Friday, February 27, 2009

Who is this Ghost in our Atttic?

Meet the star of the movie being made in our attic today. Kelly's friends from LMU are in a film production class and wrote a ghost story that will take place in our attic. They arrived at 6:45am. It is 2:45pm and they are still here. They told me they would finish around 8:00pm. Let's hope so it's Friday night. Rebecca has big plans for us watching High School Musical 3.
This is some of the equipment they brought in. Mind you, this is a short film, only five minutes long and they are shooting two more days. Other locations!

They brought in food for the crew of 13.
Here is some more stuff .

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B. Perky said...

Wow! That's your attic? If I ever lose my job, can I come live in it?