Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dad and Ryan in Maui Aug. 2006

Just like this photo of Ryan and Dad.  Dad with his arms around Ryan out side of the Maui Ward!  Dad was just called and ordained to be Stake Patriarch of the Palos Verdes stake.  That was last sunday June 1, 2008.  Pretty exciting.  We were not able to attend because we had Rachel's YW Recognition.  We had planned to go at 1:30pm but that was cancelled because President Lamb was delievering a baby at that time so it got done at a different time.  Sandi and Matt got to go and said it was wonderful.


The Watkins said...

That is so great Shelly. What a good picture. Seeing it made me miss your parents. I haven't seen them in forever. That is so neat that he was called as patriarch.

Holly said...

That is so wonderful. He is so kind in his words-- It is easy to imagine him as patriarch. Give him our love!