Monday, June 23, 2008

Amber and Nathan June 23, 2008 New Helmet for Nathan

Was so nice to have Amber, Kevin and Nathan come by tonight.  Here is Nathan's new helmet to help shape a few spots on his head.   He was so cute running around with it on tonight and didn't seemed bothered by it at all.  Even with the warm weather.  He was sweating just a bit.
Here is Nathan pointing at a spiders web he found.  He is really aware of things and says "this" while pointing at something as is to want to know what it is called.  He is learning a lot now.  We enjoyed having him to dinner with Amber and Kevin.  One good thing about the helmet, it does protect him from any little falls he may have at this age.


Amber said...

I like the picture of Nathan and me...I'll have to get a copy of it. Thanks again for the yummy dinner Monday night!

rcarter1986 said...

Go Speed Racer!