Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pool Party -July 9, 2009

Amber made this special frozen toy treat for Nathan to play with at our "Pooh" party as he called it. It had a bunch of little plastic toys in it, which once the block of ice melted, he could play with them. He had fun throwing it in the water. Luckily he missed Becca and Sandi's heads when he threw it in the pool. It was a hard block of ice. The day turned out perfect for a "HOT" pool party at Amber's Home. We didn't think we would end up going in cause the water was cold. It got so hot we all had to go in. We were all happy to cool off in the pool.
Thanks Amber and Nathan for sharing.

Nice and cozy after his swim. Nathan blew bubbles in the water and had fun counting and jumping to Amber. I remember doing that a few years ago.

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Shelly Carter said...

what a great Idea looks like you had a fun day in the sun Cute pictures