Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Nathan was a spider and came by to visit with his mom and dad.  Rebecca had a VB tournament for the Varsity she had to go to.  It was her 1st Halloween not trick or treating.  It was a quite night.  We had a fair share of trick or treater's.  Becca was a 80's aroboics instructor.  She looked really cute.
Can you guess who Sandi and Matt are this year?

Clue....."The Office"


Clue......Assistant to the Regional Manager

OK.......Give Up......

Angela and Dwight Shrute

They had fun with it, and we thought it was great.

Spider Nathan with Grandpa.  He had a fun night trunk or treating with Torr. 2nd ward.  Heard they had lots of fun decorated cars.  I hear too...Nathan likes suckers.  He learned about candy this Halloween.  That darn sugar thing.

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