Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beach Volleyball Day!!!

We had 10 of us today at Knob Hill including Nathan.  
Two courts set up with lines.
This is one of the reasons to be there!
Nathan getting comfortable in the sand.  He sat and watched while I played 4 games today.  He had snacks, sand toys and balls to play with.  He did great.  It was really nice down there, except when we first got there the sand was freezing, so I put on my sand socks.
I tried to get a good photo of Nathan and I.  I must have really stunk after playing four doubles games today.  Only lost one game by 2 points.  Great day!


The Maldonado Family said...

the picture of nathan holding his nose is so cute!!!Have a great holidays eason

Holly said...

If my mom saw these photos, I am sure she'd sit and revel (and miss)in her own memories of taking us to the beach during v-ball games. Those were fun times as kids...

Nathan is very cute-- and round-- I love that.