Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beach Family photo shoot on Father's Day

Darling Grandson Nathan!
We were ALL together this weekend for Father's Day, so I wanted to try and capture a family photo, little did I know it would be like a hurricane down at the beach that night. Very windy. It made it hard to take and it was cold too. We'll see if this makes it for our Christmas card this year.
Rachel and Kelly having fun hamming it up.
Love the light on this picture of Matt, Rachel and Kelly.


Shelly Carter said...

Shelly I love the family photo everybody looks great you look so skinny
love the blog

Stan & Isabelle said...

you are so cute - you can't be turning 50! lovely family ... oh what joy.

The Watkins said...

It is so fun to see everyone. I love those color for the pic. It always seems like such an ordeal to get everyone together and matching and ready in one place...but when it works, it is always worth it. You guys look so good.