Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rainy day in Hollywood and Grandson Photos!

Rebecca and I got to go to see "A Christmas Carol" today at he El Capitan theater in Hollywood. There was a little pre-show with singing and dancing. It really was fun. They passed out jingle bells and we even got to help with some of the songs. We took Grandma Carter and had a fun time with her. We even did a little Christmas shopping after the show and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Rebecca really wanted to go down to Sprinkles Cupcakes on the way home, which we did. We each got a Eggnog cupcake. They are soooo good. That place is dangerous. Too good!
Becca and Nathan at the Del Amo Mall. The only way to get Nathan on Santas lap was to have Becca there too.
Nathan loves playing with our doctor kit. Loves giving shots especially.

Here is Nathan watching one of our favorites now. Mary Poppins, he loves the chimmey sweeps and flying the kite songs. He is really into it.
The marble game that Great-Grandpa Carter made years ago for his grandchildren. Nathan loves watching the marbles roll down.

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