Thursday, March 12, 2009

Play date with Nathan, Claudia and Kathryn

Today was gorgeous down at the Redondo Beach Open Air Market. Kathryn and Claudia met Nathan and I at the Open Air Market. Lots of great finds. Oranges, flowers, feta cheese! Here are these two beautiful blondes with Nathan. Lots of fun just being out and visiting with these two good friends.
Nathan and I walked down to knob hill before Claudia and Kathryn came.We watched a few of my friends playing VB. It was hot and sunny and beautiful. Nathan made me walk down to the next free court so he could throw the VB up in the air, and over the net. (He is not able to do that himself yet). The ball goes up about 2 inches. Then he wanted me to do it. Here he is thinking about how he is going to throw the ball up and over the net.
Here I am with Nathan on our Knob Hill court. Just couldn't resist taking a photo of Nathan and I. He will only be under two years old for 3 more months. He's starting to say many more words now. Just started saying his own name, and pointing to himself. Too cute! He says it "Naa". It is so fun seeing him change right in front of my eyes. Here is Rita walking toward Nathan. I play VB with Rita on wednesdays. They were sharing an extra ball they had today with Nathan.


The Maldonado Family said...

So nice...I don't have school next week and I go back to work the 23, maybe we can meet you next Thursday at the market?! if it is okay with you here is my number 310-347-1322 let me know!!!

Kristy Rohrer said...

He looks so cute!!