Friday, September 12, 2008

Utah, Idaho Bound! Off to college!

Kelly and I went on Saturday morning before Rachel and Scott were up to visit the Winter Home of Brigham Young.  It was fun to be there and go thru with some other visitors.
Scott and Ryan after we had arrived in Provo.  Happy to be with Ryan.  He looks great!
We went and watched Ryan play in a two man Volleyball tourn. at UVU.  It was soooo cold.  Really strange weather, cause the day before it was HOT.  This was on Labor day.  The rain and hail made it not to good for VB.  They started it up again when the sun came out in the afternoon.
Rexburg, Idaho Temple.  It is so pretty.
Rachel in her new apt./dorm on campus at BYU-I.  Here is her new roommate, Brittany.  She is a nice girl and I'm sure they will do well together.  There are two other girls in the dorm.  Rachel has a nice living room and kitchen.
I spent time shopping at Walmart getting all the last minute things we didn't bring up.  

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Amber said...

It's fun seeing pictures of everyone off at school. Now why does Ryan look like a giant next to Kelly and Rachel? I know he's tall but that picture is just funny.