Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun Times with Nathan

This boy loves to play ball.  He had fun going for a ride in his new wagon I got for $3.00.  
Amber brought home a new book for Nathan which was really cute.  He loved the one page called "Peek a Boo"  with a little ghost on the flip page.  The last page was "Peek a You" with the flip page a mirror.  
You can see the joy on Nathan and Amber's face as they read a new favorite book together.  Nathan is such a little cutie.  We loved having him over this week.

Peek a Boo!!!

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Byron, Ashley, and Lila said...

We have the "peek a who" book too. It's adorable! Paula Strawn actually gave it to us. Unfortunately, LIla's just a little to young to fully appreciate it yet. Hopefully she loves it as much as Nathan in a while!