Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Waiting to go in

Rebecca is playing Outside Hitter/Setter, luckily she is playing mostly.  She has a new young team at West.  Some of the girls have never played before.  They are doing great.  They played North High.  They did pretty well against them.  The first game they were in the lead and then lost the momentum.  The second game they only lost by 2 points.  Wish we could have played them 3 out of 5.  Only the Varsity play that many games.
After the game, chatting with Dad.
Grandma and Grandpa Hansen came and watched Rebecca's games.  They were very proud of her.  Oops, eyes closed.
Rebecca was one of the ball girls during the Varsity game.  By the way, the West High girls varsity team won in 4 games against North.  I guess North High is in another league, so it was mainly for practice.

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