Thursday, October 02, 2008

More VB of Rebecca at the El Segundo Game

Rebecca getting a tiny bit of the block.  This week Rebecca has another game at South on Friday.  Also Saturday she has a Volleyball tournament at South.  I have to admit, I love going to the games.  The Varsity at west has some amazing players.  They won very easily today at El Segundo.  I may take photos at the Tournament on Saturday.  I would love to take better action photos.
Hitting the ball over on the 3rd hit.
Here is Rebecca setting the VB to #14.  She plays Opposite/Setter.  

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The Maldonado Family said...

Hi Shelly sorry I haven't keep in touch this past few week I being really busy with the boys!!! I wanted to come to church last week but then I remember "first weekend of October is conference!!" I was wondering at what time was service as I would only be able to stay for an hour, and will only bring one boy at a time :)!!! See you soon