Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who does Rebecca look like in this picture?

Ok, clue on who Becca looks like.  Some one in our family.  Long hair and wears sleeve headbands..........Ryan!  What do you think?
Nathan LOVED watching the VB game.  He loved all the balls being hit, after a while he started swinging his arm.  I have high hopes, he's going to play some VB.  With Ryan, Becca and I to train him.  
Nathan was happy to have his handy snack cup that doesn't let things fall on the floor.  He was extremely happy to see Rebecca at the game.  He was squealing with joy.
Grandpa and Nathan taking in the game.  It was nice to have Scott come to the game.  Rebecca really wanted us to be there.  This was Nathan's 1st time watching Rebecca play on her VB team.  By the way she played awesome!!!  Nice setting, hitting, and serving.

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