Thursday, October 02, 2008

El Segundo VB Game

Please mom, don't take my picture.
Warming up before the game-digging
You have to double click on this photo to see Becca smiling.  Think she was happy to be playing more today.  They lost the 1st game.  Won the second and Lost the third.  Basically they gave the third game away.  El Segundo really didn't win, we just made too many misses.
Rebecca trying to get in on a block.  Becca is #4.  Her fingers are above the net, that's a good sign.  I told Becca we would work on blocking.
Rebecca just hit the ball and is waiting to see if the ball is going in bounds. did.

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RyanScottCarter said...

looks like fun. wish i could come to the games and give you some pointers