Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Pretty had to show them: Thanks Amber!

How cute are these little treats Amber brought over for a Sunday treat?  They are mini carmel apples.  She used a little melon scooper to form the apple shapes. Then dipped them in white melted chocolate and rolled them in crushed teddy graham (didn't have oreo's on hand), coconut and sprinkles.  She also used butterscotch chips instead of carmel for dipping the mini apples in.  They were a hit at our home.   They were little and easy to eat. They were yummy, they even felt like they were a bit healthy cause of the apple part.
Say good-bye to Nathan's helmet, today he got the all clear to be done with the head shaping.
He is going to miss that bit of protection this helmet has played in his life the past 3 or 4 months.
Sandi can't wait to try a treat.  Amber is explaining how she put these yummies together.  Can you find Nathan in this picture?  He is with his favorite Aunt.

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