Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friends from the past!

We were really excited because after Kelly's Graduations, we were invited to go to Glen and Valerie Payne's daughter's reception on Saturday. It was held on University Ave. Beautiful building- the old Library in Provo. We haven't seen these good friends for almost 10 or more years. They have 5 kids all about the same ages of our children. Scott and Glen lived together with 10 other guys while attending BYU over 30 years ago. Glen and Val will celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary 2 weeks after our 30th Anniversary on May 12th. I think we look good for 30 plus years passing by. We hope to see them in May and go out to dinner with them. Glen had a serious accident a year ago, and so we were excited to see he was doing so well.

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