Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Run Zorro Run

I love this photo of Nathan running after Zorro. Zorro knows he needs to keep moving or something might happen to him. Nathan's feet sometimes like to kick Zorro. Zorro loves to come around Nathan when he has food. Nathan does share too. So they have a love/hate relationship. You should hear Nathan say "Zorro" he says it so lovingly.
Nathan, Becca and I have all had little colds. No fun. We are hoping to feel better soon. We had a great day even though we were not feeling totally great. We hung out in the back yard. Nathan helped me plant some California poppy's, can't wait for them to come up. They are one of the happy flowers.
Nathan loves this fort/slide and can go up and down all by himself now and really feels happy about that! Can you see the simple joy on his face. I love listening to him and the happy sounds he makes. We weeded the shaded side of our house. A very small area. I asked Nathan to help me. He was gleeful and laughing while he was doing the pulling of grass/weeds(not by the roots). Such wonderful joy in children. I love to see the joy they have.
Amber and Nathan on the fort.
Nathan's bright Buzz P.J. top that he wore all day. It was a P.J. kind of day. No VB, it was still a great day.

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