Monday, April 20, 2009

Windy Day Wed. April 15th

Ryan drove home from Provo on Tuesday and came in Wednesday morning. I was happy to have him come down to the beach and play VB with my friends. We played 4 games. It was really cold and windy. We warmed up once we started playing. Each game I played with Ryan, I won. We played 3 on 3. Too fun. Happy to have Ryan and Rachel home for the summer. Kelly will be staying up in Provo till the end of August. She Graduates from BYU this Thursday. Excited for her!!! Congrats Kelly!!!
One more photo of Becca and I at Disneyland on her Birthday. Nathan loves this ride and was able to come a meet us there in the evening hours with Kevin and Amber.

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Shelly Carter said...

I cant believe Kelly is Graduating tell her good job Kristy Graduated last week we are so proud of her she has a few job interviews this week
love the Blog